Episode 20: Children’s Book Author and Editor Michelle McCann


Michelle McCann is even more optimistic about publishing than she was 20 years ago. And we’ve gotta say, her energy is pretty infectious! Since starting as an intern at Beyond Words Publishing in 1991, Michelle’s done pretty much every publishing job. From reading the slush pile she moved up to running a children’s book department … Read more

Episode 19: Hybrid Author Frances Kingsley

Traditional, self-pub…the hybrid author says: “Why not both!” Frances Kingsley joins us to talk about her experience writing for both sides of the shelf. We also talk about our Great British Baking Show reverse-harems in the least creepy way possible (i.e., who is dreamy AND would make the most beautiful cake on our birthdays). Frances … Read more

Episode 18: Oregon Book Award Nominee Shelley Pearson


Does self-published YA literary fiction have a place? Can a self-published book be nominated for a book award usually reserved for traditional authors? Yes AND yes! Today’s guest Shelley Pearson proves it. Shelley Pearson self-published her first zine when she was sixteen. She grew up making art and crafts and, despite being an adult, has … Read more

Episode 17: Jahed Momand talks decentralizing publishing


Get good and cranky with us as we talk about power structures, money and centralization in academic publishing, and how similar some of those structures are to what we deal with in trade. Jahed Momand is a former scientist (biophysics) who went into industry (data science), specifically charged with deriving effect sizes for medical interventions … Read more

Episode 16: Info for All with Library Assistant Chris Curran

chris curran poses with caitlin doughty of ask a mortician

You would be hard pressed to find any contingent of the book world that has purer or more noble intentions than librarians. The job combines providing and filtering information to the public with a dash of social service. We talk with library assistant Chris Curran about daily life in the public library, what it’s like … Read more

Interview with Joe Biel, Founder and Manager of Microcosm Publishing


Today Emily interviews Joe Biel, Founder and Manager of Microcosm Publishing We’ve talked to ghostwriters, publishers, self-published authors, editors, project managers, print managers, and this time we’re talking with someone who’s done all the above for quite a while. Joe Biel founded Microcosm Publishing when he was just a teenager, hauling zines in milk crates … Read more

Interview with Charlee Hoffman: New York Literary Agencies and Ghostwriting Bestsellers

Charlee Hoffman is a USA Today bestselling ghostwriter of more than 25 books. After working in traditional publishing for five years, she recently moved from New York to Montana, and is loving the change of pace. She is a full-time writer, and there’s rarely a time where she doesn’t have either a cup of tea … Read more

Episode 12: Interview with Developmental Editor Emily Han of Lyrical Editing

Emily Han Lyrical Editing

It’s New Year, New You time! And we’re ringing in 2019 by interviewing seasoned Mind-Body-Spirit editor Emily Han, proprietor of Lyrical Editing. She gives us insight into the world of a freelance developmental editor—how she manages her time, navigates relationships with authors, and how she brings her own spiritual journey to the work she does. … Read more

Episode 11: Independent Author and Publisher Brian W. Parker of Believe in Wonder Publishing

Brian Parker headshot

It’s the holiday season—so whoop-dee-doo! We’ve got a wholesome interview! And some magical gift ideas for you! (Can you tell Corinne’s not writing this?) After years of letting his storytelling dreams lie dormant, Brian Parker and his wife Josie started their own children’s book publishing company, Believe in Wonder Publishing. The couple focuses on writing and … Read more

Episode 9: Creepypasta and Writers Who Kill


Warning! This has not only many cusses, but many bloods and guts and murder. (NSFW) Also YOU MUST SHARE WITH 10 PEOPLE OR BLOODY MARY WILL COME GET YOU THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! What would Halloween be without spooky stories? We’ve got a good cross section of stories of real-life literary murder (courtesy of … Read more

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