Episode 23: Editor Adam O’Brien of Sterling Publishing

Today we chat with Adam O’Brien, an editor at Sterling Publishing. Adam specializes in editing nonfiction of many kinds, particularly memoirs and essay collections—we’ve linked several of them below. While editing is his ultimate passion, Adam’s background is a journey through different aspects of the publishing and bookselling industry. This has included detours into production and work in retail. This past adventure featured a job as music lead at Barnes & Noble, which opens him up to Corinne’s burning question: Why the hell did B&N get into the business of selling vinyl?

Some books Adam has worked on as lead editor:

Books Adam has worked on under other editors:

Also, go ahead and take a gander at the books that Sterling Publishing produces.

At 34:17 we sound off on distributors

Tara Lehmann (interviewed in episode 8) also dropped by for some discussion of the fallout from Baker & Taylor’s exit from the indie book market. We review some of their terms, and Tara breaks down for us how they benefit the booksellers vs. the publishers (cue major side-eye). Also, we’ve said that monopolies suck, but Emily wants to point out that the game Monopoly ALSO sucks.

What we’re reading:

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