Episode 28: Ben Franklin and the Leeds Devil


As long as there has been written word, there have been written feuds. And as long as there have been American news sources, there has been determination to steal market share from one another. Just ask Benjamin Franklin, an OG publishing troll. This week, we celebrate our belated Hybrid Pub Scout anniversary by having an … Read more

Episode 23: Editor Adam O’Brien of Sterling Publishing

editor adam o'brien

Today we chat with Adam O’Brien, an editor at Sterling Publishing. Adam specializes in editing nonfiction of many kinds, particularly memoirs and essay collections—we’ve linked several of them below. While editing is his ultimate passion, Adam’s background is a journey through different aspects of the publishing and bookselling industry. This has included detours into production … Read more

Episode 11: Independent Author and Publisher Brian W. Parker of Believe in Wonder Publishing

Brian Parker headshot

It’s the holiday season—so whoop-dee-doo! We’ve got a wholesome interview! And some magical gift ideas for you! (Can you tell Corinne’s not writing this?) After years of letting his storytelling dreams lie dormant, Brian Parker and his wife Josie started their own children’s book publishing company, Believe in Wonder Publishing. The couple focuses on writing and … Read more

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