Episode 11: Independent Author and Publisher Brian W. Parker of Believe in Wonder Publishing

It’s the holiday season—so whoop-dee-doo!
We’ve got a wholesome interview!
And some magical gift ideas for you!
(Can you tell Corinne’s not writing this?)

After years of letting his storytelling dreams lie dormant, Brian Parker and his wife Josie started their own children’s book publishing company, Believe in Wonder Publishing. The couple focuses on writing and illustrating their own stories of magic and the power of imagination, putting their work out into the world with the help of Brian’s publishing experience and education. Brian talks with Emily about the magic of sharing stories with children in your own neighborhood, juggling family life with creating and selling books, and warrior hippos! We also hear about the crazy projects that can arise when creativity takes control (hint: it can lead to zebras in aviator goggles). Check out the links below for links to Believe in Wonder’s books, artwork, and online presence.

Book links (buy these for your kids!!)

Santa Propaganda posters to up your Christmas decoration game:

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