Episode 9: Creepypasta and Writers Who Kill

Warning! This has not only many cusses, but many bloods and guts and murder. (NSFW) Also YOU MUST SHARE WITH 10 PEOPLE OR BLOODY MARY WILL COME GET YOU THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!

What would Halloween be without spooky stories? We’ve got a good cross section of stories of real-life literary murder (courtesy of Corinne) and some supernatural self-pub that Emily extracted from the depths of the internet. Well…not the depths exactly. But really, when was the last time you got a chain email?

There are almost too many link-outs in this episode, so you’ll have to use Detective Google to find those not listed here. Our assorted highlights:

And we refuse to link to Slenderman erotica. Find it yourselves you filthy animals.



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