Episode 7: Printing Comics with Jessica Clark

Digital or offset? Smooth or glossy? Coated or uncoated? Foreign or domestic? Black and white, two color, or full color? There are a LOT of choices and not a lot of room for mistakes when it comes to printing decisions. (Seriously, though, if you’ve ever seen a pallet of books come in chock-a-block with splotches, overprints, and fading, you’ll never take a good print job for granted again.)

Jessica Clark, who plays printing on hard mode with comics and graphic novels, gives us a peek into her world and a little background on how she arrived there. Plus we talk paper tariffs and read a few of the many Amazon reviews for a book that pretty much nobody has read, but happens to be plastered all over the news right now.

In this episode:

Some (available) books mentioned in this episode:

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