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Interview with Corinne Kalasky of Beyond Words Publishing

It all started, as it does for many book people, during childhood trips to the library. Since then, Corinne Kalasky’s publishing career has taken her all over the United States. She went from a “state school” in Seattle to working in New York amongst the East Coast Ivy League kids. She hob-nobbed her way into Harper, and then changed it up with a move to Nashville.  And after a stint in the Bay Area, she’s back in Portland, OR working as marketing coordinator with Beyond Words Publishing.

And she’s one of the only people I know who can actually pull off blunt bangs. (Please don’t go through my old Facebook photos for the love of God.)

In addition to being a coworker, Corinne is now also on board as Co-Host for the Hybrid Pub Scout podcast. Click play below to listen to us laughing into our microphones. I promise the compression will keep it from hurting your ears.

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