Surveying the Publishing Frontier


Oh we’re really in business now. This episode we get down to what HPS is all about: BRINGING THE BOOK PEOPLE TOGETHER YAYA SISTERHOOD STYLE BITCHES. Or something like that. Also we called Emily’s mom on speaker phone by surprise and we couldn’t fit even half of the comic gold she was slinging. Y’all will … Read more Surveying the Publishing Frontier

Amazon Part 2: Fun Amazon Factoids


We get a little silly on this one and discuss a list of zany factoids about the history of Amazon, courtesy of Business Insider. We also speculate on where the new HQ2 will be! Let’s see if we can start some kind of sports ball chart (is that what you jocks call it?) so whoever … Read more Amazon Part 2: Fun Amazon Factoids

Interview with Corinne Kalasky of Beyond Words Publishing

corinne headshot

It all started, as it does for many book people, during childhood trips to the library. Since then, Corinne Kalasky’s publishing career has taken her all over the United States. She went from a “state school” in Seattle to working in New York amongst the East Coast Ivy League kids. She hob-nobbed her way into … Read more Interview with Corinne Kalasky of Beyond Words Publishing

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