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Episode 49: Historian and Romance Author Katrina Jackson

What do you do when you can’t find anything you want to read? You write it yourself. After plumbing the depths of Amazon for erotic romance featuring queer POC and coming up empty, Katrina Jackson took matters into her own hands and started writing her own. Seventeen books later, we chatted with her about why word-of-mouth is still the best marketing tool—even for self-published authors!—why publishing her work on platforms besides Amazon allows her to reach a much wider international market, and why cats (!) have been crucial to her books. We also discuss the revelation that Amazon may not be the actual devil, inasmuch as it allows work by historically overlooked and marginalized groups to find an audience, something that traditional publishing has emphatically not been able to do, and the importance of self-reflection when it comes to building your personal library.

I have no one second guessing whether this is marketable because *I* don’t second guess whether a thing is marketable.

Guest Bio

Katrina is a college professor by day who writes romances by weekend when her cats allow. She writes high heat, diverse and mostly queer erotic romances and erotica. She also likes sleep, salt-and-pepper beards, and sunshine.

Relevant Links

Katrina wants to remind you to check your voter registration and vote!
Donate to a bail fund (we pick PDX for obvious reasons).
And support the USPS (um, you can buy a mail carrier Halloween costume for your dog??)
You can find her on Twitter @katrinajax and Instagram @katjacksonbooks

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