Helping You Navigate Indie Publishing

Hybrid Pub Scout Media helps authors create beautiful books that enrich, entertain, and educate their readers.

There are more books out there than ever before. Make yours count.

Producing a well-written, designed, and edited book is also a HUGE undertaking, especially for a busy person like you! That’s why Hybrid Pub Scout is here to guide you through the process of book creation from determining your book’s purpose to holding the finished product in your hands.

My name is Emily, and for the past nine years, I’ve written, edited, and managed projects for books and the web.

Experience has taught me that everyone has a story to tell—a lot of them just need a practiced guide to help them tell it. I will help you discover the core of your message, find the right people to make it beautiful, and help you release it into the world.

Map the frontier between traditional and indie publishing with the Hybrid Pub Scout Podcast.

On the Hybrid Pub Scout podcast, we scrape the surface of what’s going on at every corner of the publishing world—taking trips through history and talking with the people who make books possible across the literary landscape.

Ready to turn your next big idea into a book?