Episode 78: What Copywriting Can Teach You About Writing Books with Kelley Gardiner

photo of Kelley Gardiner with the text "Episode 78: What Copywriting Can Teach You About Writing Books"

“They say people don’t read on the internet, but people read when they’re interested, right? So if it’s interesting, if it’s applicable to my life and what I need right now, then I’m going to read and continue reading.”

—Kelley Gardiner

Website copywriter Kelley Gardiner joins Emily to talk about how the principles of writing a good nonfiction book and good copy overlap.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of knowing your audience. Yes! It’s just as important for books as for conversion!
  • How to test whether your work will appeal to the right readers.
  • Choosing clarity over cleverness.
  • When you know your work is ready to be put out into the world.

Guest Bio — Kelley Gardiner

Kelley Gardiner is a conversion copywriter who’s obsessed with how website copy works. She loves helping solo service providers get better results through website copy audits, website refreshes, coaching, and education. 

Where you can find Kelley:

Transcript for this episode below:

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