Episode 80: Clarify Your Message through Storytelling with Karl Becker

I think books have a purpose for an author, and mine is about impacting change, helping people take what they want, and hopefully making their life or their team’s lives better. Karl Becker I’ve been lucky to work with Karl Becker on his three books, Set Up to Win, Sales & Marketing Alignment, and Iceberg … Read more

Don’t Go to the Woods

A brown log cabin with a mossy roof and a chimney sits between tall, thin coniferous trees. Text says: "You don't need a writer's retreat / You need a vacation"

You don’t need a writer’s retreat. You need a vacation. We’ve all thought about it. Anyone who’s ever wanted to write a book has fantasized dropping out of society and retreating into nature, or at least solitude, to write. Just imagine—the birds chirping, the fresh scent of pine trees.  (The lumpy mattress in your temporary … Read more

Episode 72: Grimoires!

A picture of the Prime Minister of hell drawn in a copy of the Grand Grimoire

Hybrid Pub Scout Podcast · Episode 72: Grimoires! If you thought one horror-themed episode this season was enough, you thought wrong! If there’s one thing we’ll always do, it’s our annual Halloween episode.  This week, we venture into the spookier (and less witch-hunty) side of grimoires. What are they? Who used them? Do they really … Read more

Hybrid Publishers versus Hybrid Pub Scout

Gray elephant on a white background

Going beneath the surface of a subject obviously means getting a deeper understanding as you explore. Sometimes, those deep-dives reveal inconvenient facts. In my case, submerging myself in the world of publishing revealed that “hybrid” has an enormously loaded meaning in the field, one that has nothing to do with what Hybrid Pub Scout is … Read more

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