How to Work with Someone with They/Them Pronouns

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You may have noticed in the signature area of my email address, or in my bio on this website, that I have the pronouns “they/them” featured along with my name. You may or may not have colleagues, friends, or family members who use they/them pronouns. (In fact, you probably do, and you might not know … Read more

From Big Idea to Book by Jessie Kwak — Planning, Drafting, and Revising with Joy

Print version of From Big Idea to Book by Jessie Kwak sitting on a monochrome blue crocheted background

Listen to Episode 59 with Jessie Kwak, author of From Chaos to Creativity and From Big Idea to Book. When I found out that Jessie Kwak released a new book on writing books, I decided to order it straight from the source at Microcosm Publishing. From Chaos to Creativity serves as such an effective manual, … Read more

Nonfiction Developmental Editing: Systematizing Expression

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If you’ve interacted with the book publishing process at all, you probably know there is not just one type of editing. There is line editing, which focuses on the use of language and how it flows within a manuscript, line by eponymous line. There is copyediting, which focuses on grammar and diction. However, in the … Read more

A Porthole to the World of Fanfiction

picture of a boat at a dock with a cartoon man's face and a red cap

In 2020, those who weren’t inundated with extra work or battling it out on the pandemic frontlines suddenly had a lot more time to read. The question is—what did they read? Book sales have been thriving over the past two years (two years…*weeps*), but apparently those mountains of books have been collecting more dust than … Read more

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