Nonfiction Developmental Editing: Systematizing Expression

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If you’ve interacted with the book publishing process at all, you probably know there is not just one type of editing. There is line editing, which focuses on the use of language and how it flows within a manuscript, line by eponymous line. There is copyediting, which focuses on grammar and diction. However, in the … Read more

Episode 51: Talking Grady Hendrix with Fuckbois of Literature

scary halloween book

CW: Many cusses!! (Back to our roots, we suppose) Happy almost Halloween, scouts! On this episode, we’re joined by the wonderful Emily Edwards, host of the Fuckbois of Literature podcast, a podcast about the toxic characters you encounter in all your favorite books! (Apparently, Amy March is not a fuckboi (?!)) We also chat about … Read more

Episode 33: Live Author Branding Panel

Enjoy the first installment of our “Business of Being an Author” Series—Branding! Presented by Lori Carroll of Jan’s Beaverton Bookstore and Hybrid Pub Scout We invited Mary Bisbee-Beek, Courtney Clark, and Tara Lehmann to participate in HPS’s first ever live recording! Lori Carroll’s brainchild, the Business of Being an Author series, aims to arm writers … Read more

Episode 22: Erin Klassen, Editor in Chief of With/Out Pretend


Today we continue Maple Leaf May by interviewing Erin Klassen. She’s a writer, founder, and Editor in Chief of With/out Pretend. (What, you think we’d just leave Canada without lingering?) With/out Pretend is an independent Toronto-based publisher focused on producing, promoting and distributing works by women and non-binary writers and artists. They also host storytelling … Read more

Interview with Charlee Hoffman: New York Literary Agencies and Ghostwriting Bestsellers

Charlee Hoffman is a USA Today bestselling ghostwriter of more than 25 books. After working in traditional publishing for five years, she recently moved from New York to Montana, and is loving the change of pace. She is a full-time writer, and there’s rarely a time where she doesn’t have either a cup of tea … Read more

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