Episode 77: Ali Shaw, Founder of Indigo Editing, Design, and More

Headshot of Ali Shaw of Indigo Editing, a smiling white woman with glasses and long auburn hair

Hybrid Pub Scout Podcast · Episode 77 – Ali Shaw, Founder of Indigo Editing, Design, and More We talk about Ali’s definition of self-publishing versus independent publishing, how Indigo is working to improve the book world, and the exciting process of learning how to produce audiobooks. Guest Bio Ali (McCart) Shaw (she/her) thinks her love … Read more

Episode 22: Erin Klassen, Editor in Chief of With/Out Pretend


Today we continue Maple Leaf May by interviewing Erin Klassen. She’s a writer, founder, and Editor in Chief of With/out Pretend. (What, you think we’d just leave Canada without lingering?) With/out Pretend is an independent Toronto-based publisher focused on producing, promoting and distributing works by women and non-binary writers and artists. They also host storytelling … Read more

Episode 21: Interview with Erin Pehlivan, Founding Editor of Return Trip

erin pehlivan

“In order to really have traveled, I think we have to come full circle and come back to ourselves, back to our homes, and really reflect on what we’ve been through.” Erin Pehlivan is the founding editor of Return Trip, a zine that explores how travel makes us feel. She is a freelance writer and … Read more

Interview with Joe Biel, Founder and Manager of Microcosm Publishing


Today Emily interviews Joe Biel, Founder and Manager of Microcosm Publishing We’ve talked to ghostwriters, publishers, self-published authors, editors, project managers, print managers, and this time we’re talking with someone who’s done all the above for quite a while. Joe Biel founded Microcosm Publishing when he was just a teenager, hauling zines in milk crates … Read more

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