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Episode 51: Talking Grady Hendrix with Fuckbois of Literature

CW: Many cusses!! (Back to our roots, we suppose)

Happy almost Halloween, scouts! On this episode, we’re joined by the wonderful Emily Edwards, host of the Fuckbois of Literature podcast, a podcast about the toxic characters you encounter in all your favorite books! (Apparently, Amy March is not a fuckboi (?!)) We also chat about the delightful Grady Hendrix, horror writer and author of Horrorstör and My Best Friend’s Exorcism, two books that will make you laugh, cry, and gasp in horror, sometimes at the same time! We also discuss our experiences with supernatural phenomena, why Edgar Allan Poe was a real son of a gun to be married to, and, of course, Dear David, one of Twitter’s most important—and scariest!—contributions to social discourse.

Guest Bio

Emily Edwards is a longtime writer, producer, and host of a comedy podcast about books: Fuckbois of Literature, on which she discusses toxic people from your favorite novels. She barely graduated with a degree in writing, literature and publishing but is still making a go of it; in addition to the podcast she also is a freelance writer and is shopping around a mystery novel.

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