Episode 65 — Katie Fairchild of Radish Fiction

Katie Fairchild headshot - person with long dark hair and glasses looking to the side against an autumn landscape

Katie Fairchild talks to us about marketing for Radish and how an expertise in fanfiction informs her work. In the final installment of our fanfiction series, we talk with a publishing professional and fan fiction expert who works in the business of serialized fiction. Katie Fairchild is a marketing associate who uses her expertise in … Read more

Episode 64: Claudia Rebaza From The Organization For Transformative Works

Red logos for Fanlore, Archive of Our Own, and Organization for Transformative Works on a white background

Communications staffer Claudia Rebaza from the Organization for Transformative Works joins Emily to talk about the world’s largest organization devoted to hosting and preserving fanworks and history. If you are a fanfiction writer or reader, you probably know about the biggest location for fanfiction on the web: Archive of Our Own, aka., AO3. It’s a … Read more

Episode 63: JT Reads the Most Notorious Fanfic of All Time

Blurry photo of person in black hoodie with long black hair, possibly carrying a knife.

JT gives a dramatic reading of My Immortal, the world’s most notorious fanfic. For over 15 years, online smartasses content creators have been doing dramatic readings of a single, infamous fanfic—My Immortal. It features an OC (original character) named Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way, Draco Malfoy, Good Charlotte, Harry Potter (who now goes by the … Read more

Episode 62— Fanfiction Part 1: An Introduction

Person with shoulder length blonde hair sitting in a dark room in a bed, looking at their laptop. Photo by Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

An introduction to fanfiction lingo and tropes. Hybrid Pub Scout Podcast · Fanfiction Part 1: An Introduction Friend of the pod Tara Lehmann and YA author and fanfic veteran Mary Elizabeth Summer join Emily to define different fanfic conventions and talk about their experiences writing and reading fic. If you’re worried you won’t be able … Read more

A Porthole to the World of Fanfiction

picture of a boat at a dock with a cartoon man's face and a red cap

In 2020, those who weren’t inundated with extra work or battling it out on the pandemic frontlines suddenly had a lot more time to read. The question is—what did they read? Book sales have been thriving over the past two years (two years…*weeps*), but apparently those mountains of books have been collecting more dust than … Read more

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