Episode 75: The Library of Alexandria

Sepia-toned illustration of seven men inside a room with multiple columns, a shelf containing scrolls, and a shelf with stools. Three men are talking at the table and reviewing scrolls, one is picking up scrolls off the ground, and one is going through the scrolls up on a ladder while two other men give directions.

Hybrid Pub Scout Podcast · Episode 75: The Library Of Alexandria Chris, Corinne, and Emily explore the concept of a universal library, focusing mostly on the ancient Library of Alexandria and its legendary—and mysterious—demise. Today’s Links Episode 75: Library of Alexandria transcript The Library of Alexandria: Centre of Learning in the Ancient World, a collection … Read more

Episode 66: The Hitler Diaries Forgery Scam

Konrad Kujau, a late middle-aged bald white man with glasses, holds the Stern news magazine that says "Hitlers Tagebucher entdekr"

The story of how some Nazi-obsessed jerks played each other, themselves, and several major publications. Guest host Chris Curran joins us again to talk about one of the major publishing scams of the late 70s and early 80s. Content Warnings Nazis, including neo-Nazis who carried on their worship after they lost the war Holocaust deniers … Read more

Episode 63: JT Reads the Most Notorious Fanfic of All Time

Blurry photo of person in black hoodie with long black hair, possibly carrying a knife.

JT gives a dramatic reading of My Immortal, the world’s most notorious fanfic. For over 15 years, online smartasses content creators have been doing dramatic readings of a single, infamous fanfic—My Immortal. It features an OC (original character) named Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way, Draco Malfoy, Good Charlotte, Harry Potter (who now goes by the … Read more

Episode 61: Anthropodermic Bibliopegy Part 2

Historical black book with faded gold trim made out of serial killer William Burke's skin

Emily and Chris continue to navigate the sordid world of books bound in human skin. Hybrid Pub Scout Podcast · Anthropodermic Bibliopegy Part 2 Content warnings for this episode: Corpse violation Medical ethics violations Abuse of power Objectifying the human body Worms Murder and Mutilation Racism & Colonialism The French The British …and swears of … Read more

Episode 60: Anthropodermic Bibliopegy Part 1

Cover of Des Destinees de L'ame, a proven example of anthropodermic bibliopegy (bound in human skin)

Chris Curran joins Emily to discuss the practice of binding books in human skin: anthropodermic bibliopegy. Get ready for a whole lot of Yikes. The Necronomicon, tomes from the shelves of serial killers and war criminals—these are a few things that come to mind when we talk about books bound in human skin. Anthropodermic bibliopegy, … Read more

Episode 52: The Malleus Maleficarum with Chris Curran


“Bad Books Kill People” Exhibit A: The Malleus Maleficarum “The swift propagation of the witch hysteria by the press was the first evidence that Gutenberg had not liberated man from original sin.” — Jeffrey Burton Russell Sometimes readers forget that these cherished bound objects aren’t always beacons of goodness and enlightenment in a mad world. … Read more

Episode 28: Ben Franklin and the Leeds Devil


As long as there has been written word, there have been written feuds. And as long as there have been American news sources, there has been determination to steal market share from one another. Just ask Benjamin Franklin, an OG publishing troll. This week, we celebrate our belated Hybrid Pub Scout anniversary by having an … Read more

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