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Episode 63: JT Reads the Most Notorious Fanfic of All Time

JT gives a dramatic reading of My Immortal, the world’s most notorious fanfic.

For over 15 years, online smartasses content creators have been doing dramatic readings of a single, infamous fanfic—My Immortal. It features an OC (original character) named Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way, Draco Malfoy, Good Charlotte, Harry Potter (who now goes by the name “Vampire”) and a whole lot of very bad spelling.


The ever-talented JT joins Emily to do something that, frankly, I am surprised we haven’t done yet: indulge in the age-old tradition of reading the fic, then speculating about whether or not it was just one very clever troll. Emily also tells a story of a moment in time that the mystery was thought to be solved, and how that story heavily involves traditional publishing taking on, then canceling, a pertinent memoir.

Content Warnings

This is mainly for the actual fic, which includes.

  • A very embarrassing, arguably glorified incident of self-harm
  • Homophobia and a flippant reference to a character having AIDS

(I feel a bit silly adding CWs to this really awful piece of work, but just in case.)

Mentioned in this Episode:

A series of news stories that will take you from uncertainty, to cautious belief, to doubly confused uncertainty:

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