Episode 61: Anthropodermic Bibliopegy Part 2

Historical black book with faded gold trim made out of serial killer William Burke's skin

Emily and Chris continue to navigate the sordid world of books bound in human skin. Hybrid Pub Scout Podcast · Anthropodermic Bibliopegy Part 2 Content warnings for this episode: Corpse violation Medical ethics violations Abuse of power Objectifying the human body Worms Murder and Mutilation Racism & Colonialism The French The British …and swears of … Read more

Episode 60: Anthropodermic Bibliopegy Part 1

Cover of Des Destinees de L'ame, a proven example of anthropodermic bibliopegy (bound in human skin)

Chris Curran joins Emily to discuss the practice of binding books in human skin: anthropodermic bibliopegy. Get ready for a whole lot of Yikes. The Necronomicon, tomes from the shelves of serial killers and war criminals—these are a few things that come to mind when we talk about books bound in human skin. Anthropodermic bibliopegy, … Read more

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