Episode 73: Disability in Publishing

Square black, white, and red image that says "Episode 73 Disability in Publishing" over the Disability in publishing logo, a combined image of an open, upside-down book and an erupting volcano.

Now through December 3 2022, you can support Disability in Publishing’s start up costs by participating in their online auction! Hybrid Pub Scout Podcast · Episode 73: Disability in Publishing I always like to say, “You’re a temporarily abled person.” People can be temporarily disabled, and you can become disabled at any time. In our … Read more

Episode 58: Ari Mathae and Denise Morales Soto of A Kids Company About

a kids company about logo

Working on collaborative books and podcasts that empower kids to talk about the big stuff. What do you do when you need to talk to a kid in your life about a difficult subject but aren’t sure where to start? Enter A Kid’s Company About, a media company built on the belief that kids are … Read more

Episode 55: Immersive Media & Books with Dr. Rachel Noorda & Dr. Kathi Berens

A definition of the engagement for the Immersive Media and Books study with headshots of Dr. Kathi Berens and Dr. Rachel Noorda

Accessible research on Immersive Media & Books from Dr. Rachel Noorda and Dr. Kathi Berens If you’re trying to do research as a book industry professional, you’re going to hit paywalls—sometimes paywalls so large that your business is better off replacing NPD with a tarot deck and a crystal pendulum. Enter Dr. Kathi Berens and … Read more

Episode 54: Celebrating Women in Horror Month with Author Nicole Wolverton

Nicole Wolverton headshot

Nicole Wolverton takes time out of her writing, studying, and editing schedule to discuss (and recommend!) women in horror. “If you think Carrie’s scary, think about a woman who has five to six decades to foment this awful feeling of rage.” You may have seen a lot of horror stories about puberty (Carrie) and childbirth … Read more

Episode 50: Liz Gorinsky and Nellie McKesson

“Whatever role you’re in, whatever genre you’re in, find something about it to love and be passionate about because it’s going to take a lot of slow days.” In this power-packed episode, we welcome back Nellie McKesson, founder of book design software Hederis, and meet Liz Gorinsky, president and publisher of Erewhon Books, a small … Read more

Episode 48: Kimberly Escobar — Owner of Thursday Media Inc.

Kimberly Escobar of Thursday Media, Inc.

Kimberly talks about rocking book PR inside and outside of a major publishing house. In this episode, we chatted with freelance food and lifestyle book publicist and Thursday Media founder Kimberly Escobar about the adorable perils of working from home (specifically, Zoom-bombing kittens), how both traditionally and self-published authors can make their publicists’ jobs easier, … Read more

Episode 47: Geekdom Publishing Pro and Scifi Author Michael R. Underwood

Scifi Author Michael R. Underwood's headshot

Digital-only and digital-first means I’ll have to repeat myself, but figure out how to do so in a way that’s tolerable and sustainable for me and still interesting for people who are plugged in a little bit more. Michael R. Underwood’s book Annihilation Aria, published by Parvus Press, was supposed to come out in February … Read more

Episode 44: Book Marketer and Publisher Robyn Crummer-Olson

Headshot of Robyn Crummer Olson

Book marketer Robyn Crummer-Olson talks to authors of all kinds about how to share their books with the world. We had the pleasure of speaking with Robyn Crummer-Olson, where she shares the exciting news about her appointment as Publisher at Portland State University’s Ooligan Press. She delivers some real talk about her gold-star author marketing … Read more

Episode 42: Literary Agent DongWon Song on #PublishingPaidMe and Decolonization

Literary Agent DongWon Song

DongWon Song speaks on reframing “diversity” and why #PublishingPaidMe shouldn’t discourage marginalized authors. Each deal is a very individual thing. Every book that you sell, every opportunity that you have is specific to you, is specific to the agent, is specific to the editor… So don’t worry about the systemic thing when it comes to … Read more

Episode 41: Olivia Croom Hammerman Teaches Us How to Design a Book Cover

Headshot of book designer Olivia Croom Hammerman

In which we learn the elements of how to design a book cover that ups your chances at sales success. “A successful cover is basically all of those elements: the typography, the category, and the uniqueness of the story need to be held together. And it just needs to look damn good.” Olivia Croom Hammerman, … Read more

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