Episode 37: Jessica Reed—Cake Historian

Integrating design, literature, and cake history with Jessica Reed CW at 50:20 — We discuss baking and its relationship to eating disorders and mental health. Corinne is out sick, so JT guest hosts as we interview former Penguin Senior Designer, photographer, and cake artist/historian, Jessica Reed. Jessica started her creative journey building cardboard furniture in … Read more

Introducing a People’s Guide to Publishing Vlogcast!


Microcosm continues teaching publishing lessons with a People’s Guide to Publishing vlogcast. by Joe Biel [Psst—Go check out our interview with him in episode 15!] Four years ago I sat in my office with a star intern, Sidnee Grubb. She had utterly exceeded every expectation and task that I set at her feet. She asked … Read more

Episode 24: Editor Ardi Alspach of Sterling Publishing


Ardi Alspach, an editor at Sterling Publishing, talks with us about her multi-directional career. She has the unique experience of having attended both NYU and the Denver Publishing Institute, worked in both publicity and editorial, and moved from a career in teaching to book publishing mid-career. Turns out that’s possible, even in NYC. Take that, … Read more

Episode 19: Hybrid Author Frances Kingsley

Traditional, self-pub…the hybrid author says: “Why not both!” Frances Kingsley joins us to talk about her experience writing for both sides of the shelf. We also talk about our Great British Baking Show reverse-harems in the least creepy way possible (i.e., who is dreamy AND would make the most beautiful cake on our birthdays). Frances … Read more

Episode 7: Printing Comics with Jessica Clark

Digital or offset? Smooth or glossy? Coated or uncoated? Foreign or domestic? Black and white, two color, or full color? There are a LOT of choices and not a lot of room for mistakes when it comes to printing decisions. (Seriously, though, if you’ve ever seen a pallet of books come in chock-a-block with splotches, … Read more

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