Introducing a People’s Guide to Publishing Vlogcast!


Microcosm continues teaching publishing lessons with a People’s Guide to Publishing vlogcast. by Joe Biel [Psst—Go check out our interview with him in episode 15!] Four years ago I sat in my office with a star intern, Sidnee Grubb. She had utterly exceeded every expectation and task that I set at her feet. She asked … Read moreIntroducing a People’s Guide to Publishing Vlogcast!

Birthing Your Own Literary Magazine


by Amylia Ryan How to bring a literary magazine into the world (and keep it alive for a while). Astral Waters Review just published its second issue, wrapping up its first year in the digital lit mag world. As the founding editor and editor-in-chief of this fledgling publication, I’ve learned a lot about what goes … Read moreBirthing Your Own Literary Magazine

What it Takes to Have a Successful Bookstore Event


By Julie Swearingen What can you expect from a bookstore event? I’ve worked at four bookstores: Barnes & Noble in Bend, OR; Barnes & Noble in Reno, NV; Amazon Books in Portland, OR; and Roundabout Books in Bend, OR. In over five years as a bookseller, department manager, special orders manager, and now events manager, … Read moreWhat it Takes to Have a Successful Bookstore Event

So You Want to Be an Indie Author

Contributed by Brianne Marie Robinson What does it take to become an indie author? The answer to that question depends many different things, to be completely honest. You need to go into independent publishing with the right mindset. There are three options for how to approach it: Writing for the art of it without caring … Read moreSo You Want to Be an Indie Author

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