Episode 38: Greg Gerding — Author and Publisher at University of Hell

Greg Gerding - Publisher at University of Hell

Welcome to the University of Hell, with your professor (publisher) Greg Gerding! What do you do if you’ve got 30 notebooks full of your writing and no one to publish them? If you’re University of Hell Press founder Greg Gerding, you do it yourself and create a self-publishing empire. The author of seven published books … Read more

Episode 19: Hybrid Author Frances Kingsley

Traditional, self-pub…the hybrid author says: “Why not both!” Frances Kingsley joins us to talk about her experience writing for both sides of the shelf. We also talk about our Great British Baking Show reverse-harems in the least creepy way possible (i.e., who is dreamy AND would make the most beautiful cake on our birthdays). Frances … Read more

Episode 18: Oregon Book Award Nominee Shelley Pearson


Does self-published YA literary fiction have a place? Can a self-published book be nominated for a book award usually reserved for traditional authors? Yes AND yes! Today’s guest Shelley Pearson proves it. Shelley Pearson self-published her first zine when she was sixteen. She grew up making art and crafts and, despite being an adult, has … Read more

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