Episode 42: Literary Agent DongWon Song on #PublishingPaidMe and Decolonization

Literary Agent DongWon Song

DongWon Song speaks on reframing “diversity” and why #PublishingPaidMe shouldn’t discourage marginalized authors. Each deal is a very individual thing. Every book that you sell, every opportunity that you have is specific to you, is specific to the agent, is specific to the editor… So don’t worry about the systemic thing when it comes to … Read more

Episode 24: Editor Ardi Alspach of Sterling Publishing


Ardi Alspach, an editor at Sterling Publishing, talks with us about her multi-directional career. She has the unique experience of having attended both NYU and the Denver Publishing Institute, worked in both publicity and editorial, and moved from a career in teaching to book publishing mid-career. Turns out that’s possible, even in NYC. Take that, … Read more

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