Episode 55: Immersive Media & Books with Dr. Rachel Noorda & Dr. Kathi Berens

Accessible research on Immersive Media & Books from

Dr. Rachel Noorda and Dr. Kathi Berens

If you’re trying to do research as a book industry professional, you’re going to hit paywalls—sometimes paywalls so large that your business is better off replacing NPD with a tarot deck and a crystal pendulum.

Enter Dr. Kathi Berens and Dr. Rachel Noorda! In this episode, they speak with Emily about their 2020 research on Immersive Media & Books. Using the survey results from over 4,000 respondents, they got a multitude of insights about how Americans of all ages and ethnicities engage with books. The best part? All of us have access to it. And you know how much we love accessible research!

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Real proof showing the true demographics of avid book-engagers in America
  • The behavior of book pirates—and how they’re actually customers, too!
  • How libraries figure into book discovery and book buying
  • The animal that is more likely to kill you than a shark

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