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Episode 56: Nicole J. Georges on Her New Podcast “Relative Fiction”

Emily speaks with Nicole J. Georges, author and illustrator of Calling Dr. Laura and the new OPB podcast adaptation Relative Fiction.

Imagine that you have spent years believing your father was dead, then a $15 palm reader asserts that your real father is very much alive. Now imagine discovering that this wild statement ends up being true. In her Lambda Award-winning graphic memoir and newly launched podcast, Nicole examines the fallout of making such a world-shaking discovery.

“Especially if you’re the kind of voice people don’t normally hear, don’t let your stuff just sit and mold over in your desk.” — Nicole Georges

Nicole and Emily talk about family secrets, what it’s like to get yelled at by Dr. Laura Schlessinger (who is made of “rules and hairspray”), the differences between illustrators, comics artists, and animators, dog tarot, and why creators should stop beating themselves up and get their art out into the world.

We also loop back to one of our favorite topics—zines! (Featured: a shoutout former guest and fellow zinester Shelley Pearson!)

Where to Find Nicole

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