Episode 74: Troy Lambert, Education Lead at Plottr

If you’ve ever created a Pepe Silvia conspiracy board, or if you’ve ever painstakingly recorded your scenes on index cards and spread them out, only for your cat to obliterate them, you now have other options. Plottr was created by software developer and writer Cameron Sutter, who built it to help himself plot his own books. Since 2020, Plottr has grown with the help of feedback from enthusiastic users and contributions from expert plot-makers. 

In this episode, I spoke with Troy Lambert, education lead at Plottr. We talked about how Plottr’s features are helpful for writers who like to plot everything out in advance (also known as a “pantser” or “discovery writer”), ones who like to figure it out as they go, and even for editors and book marketers. We also explore what sorts of projects work best with Plottr and how the program integrates with other tools such as Scrivener and Microsoft Word.

Aaaaand if this episode kind of comes across as an ad, so be it. Call this a ringing endorsement. I’ve already been using Plottr for a few weeks to apply the principles I learned from reading Start Finishing, recommended in episode 59 by Jessie Kwak, and of course I’m plotting a romance novel (wink, wink).

What is Plottr?

Plottr is the popular visual book outlining and story bible software used by nearly 20,000 writers, plotters and pantsers alike. Plottr lets you easily arrange (and rearrange) your scenes, plots, and character arcs so you can quickly find your way to the end of your tale — no corkboard required.”

Try out Plottr here.

Transcript for Episode 74 — Troy Lambert, Education Lead at Plottr

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