Episode 59: From Chaos to Creativity with Jessie Kwak

Learn four guidelines to building a creative productivity system from guest Jessie Kwak.

If you’re a person who works in a creative profession, we’re coming in hot with some inspiration and guidance for 2022. In this episode, Emily speaks with writer Jessie Kwak, author of (among other things) From Chaos to Creativity: Building a Productivity System for Artists and Writers.

Jessie shares the four steps to her creative system, tips for prioritizing, how to protect against overloading oneself, and some tools to help us stay organized and on task.

Productivity shouldn’t be how you can do more things more efficiently. It’s about how to do the right things and free up the space and the mental energy that you need to do your creative work.

Guest Bio

Jessie Kwak is a freelance writer and author living in Portland, Oregon. She writes character-driven sci-fi and fantasy with a liberal dose of explosions, gunfights, crime, and dinner parties. She likes to make her readers laugh. She is the author of supernatural thriller From Earth and Bone, the Durga System series of gangster sci-fi novels, and productivity guide From Chaos to Creativity.

When she’s not writing B2B marketing copy or scribbling away on her latest novel, you can find her riding her bike to the brewpub, road tripping with her husband, or juggling various sewing projects.

Tools and References in this Episode

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