Episode 65 — Katie Fairchild of Radish Fiction

Katie Fairchild headshot - person with long dark hair and glasses looking to the side against an autumn landscape

Katie Fairchild talks to us about marketing for Radish and how an expertise in fanfiction informs her work. In the final installment of our fanfiction series, we talk with a publishing professional and fan fiction expert who works in the business of serialized fiction. Katie Fairchild is a marketing associate who uses her expertise in … Read more

Episode 64: Claudia Rebaza From The Organization For Transformative Works

Red logos for Fanlore, Archive of Our Own, and Organization for Transformative Works on a white background

Communications staffer Claudia Rebaza from the Organization for Transformative Works joins Emily to talk about the world’s largest organization devoted to hosting and preserving fanworks and history. If you are a fanfiction writer or reader, you probably know about the biggest location for fanfiction on the web: Archive of Our Own, aka., AO3. It’s a … Read more

Episode 59: From Chaos to Creativity with Jessie Kwak

Headshot of author Jessie Kwak

Learn four guidelines to building a creative productivity system from guest Jessie Kwak. Hybrid Pub Scout Podcast · Episode 59: From Chaos to Creativity with Jessie Kwak If you’re a person who works in a creative profession, we’re coming in hot with some inspiration and guidance for 2022. In this episode, Emily speaks with writer … Read more

Episode 58: Ari Mathae and Denise Morales Soto of A Kids Company About

a kids company about logo

Working on collaborative books and podcasts that empower kids to talk about the big stuff. What do you do when you need to talk to a kid in your life about a difficult subject but aren’t sure where to start? Enter A Kid’s Company About, a media company built on the belief that kids are … Read more

Episode 56: Nicole J. Georges on Her New Podcast “Relative Fiction”

nicole j georges headshot

Emily speaks with Nicole J. Georges, author and illustrator of Calling Dr. Laura and the new OPB podcast adaptation Relative Fiction. Imagine that you have spent years believing your father was dead, then a $15 palm reader asserts that your real father is very much alive. Now imagine discovering that this wild statement ends up … Read more

Episode 55: Immersive Media & Books with Dr. Rachel Noorda & Dr. Kathi Berens

A definition of the engagement for the Immersive Media and Books study with headshots of Dr. Kathi Berens and Dr. Rachel Noorda

Accessible research on Immersive Media & Books from Dr. Rachel Noorda and Dr. Kathi Berens If you’re trying to do research as a book industry professional, you’re going to hit paywalls—sometimes paywalls so large that your business is better off replacing NPD with a tarot deck and a crystal pendulum. Enter Dr. Kathi Berens and … Read more

Episode 54: Celebrating Women in Horror Month with Author Nicole Wolverton

Nicole Wolverton headshot

Nicole Wolverton takes time out of her writing, studying, and editing schedule to discuss (and recommend!) women in horror. “If you think Carrie’s scary, think about a woman who has five to six decades to foment this awful feeling of rage.” You may have seen a lot of horror stories about puberty (Carrie) and childbirth … Read more

Episode 53: Interview with Nadia Odunayo — Founder of The StoryGraph

Headshot of Nadia Odunayo Founder of The StoryGraph

“If you have good customer research set up, it’s very hard to go wrong.” —Nadia Odunayo Picture this: You walk into a bookstore, and the first floor is filled with books selected based on your personal tastes. They’re not based on the comp title research you’re doing for work or the books you looked up … Read more

Episode 50: Liz Gorinsky and Nellie McKesson

“Whatever role you’re in, whatever genre you’re in, find something about it to love and be passionate about because it’s going to take a lot of slow days.” In this power-packed episode, we welcome back Nellie McKesson, founder of book design software Hederis, and meet Liz Gorinsky, president and publisher of Erewhon Books, a small … Read more

Episode 49: Historian and Romance Author Katrina Jackson

Romance Author Katrina Jackson Headshot

What do you do when you can’t find anything you want to read? You write it yourself. After plumbing the depths of Amazon for erotic romance featuring queer POC and coming up empty, Katrina Jackson took matters into her own hands and started writing her own. Seventeen books later, we chatted with her about why … Read more

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