Episode 68: Edtech Innovation with Stephanie Argy of ISTE

Stephanie Argy, editor for the International Society for Technology in Education, reminds us that strides in learning and technology is cause for optimism.

It used to be that educational technology was all about teaching typing and keeping students off of inappropriate websites. Now, technology is as much of a tool for learning as a pencil or pen. Ed Tech opens the door to new ways of helping students learn, thrive, and become discerning digital citizens (what a concept!).

ISTE creates books and resources for K through 12 educators to inspire and instruct them in ways to use technology to its fullest potential in their classrooms. It’s the kind of place that reminds us the digital world isn’t all about doom and gloom, and that a good, ethical publishing company can make an enormous positive impact on the future. Editor Stephanie Argy educates us on their acquisitions process, how they reach educators, the subjects that are covered in their books and jumpstart guides, and her role in bringing these resources to life.

If we all just remember that there’s room to play and room to experiment and not let ourselves get baked into narrow definitions of what books are, what literature is, what story is, there’s so much room for inspiration.

Guest Bio

Stephanie Argy (she/her) is an editor at the International Society for Technology in Education, where she manages books that help educators use edtech to incorporate art, creativity, and social good into the lives and work of their students. She also freelances as an editor for other publishers and organizations, and especially loves working on books about art, drawing, and painting, even if they often inspire her to spend her entire fee on art supplies.

In addition to being a book editor, she has made award-winning movies, written about the art, craft, and technology of filmmaking, and angel-invested in women-owned social ventures. She has a BA in History from UCLA, an MS in Journalism from Columbia University, and an MS in Writing with a specialization in Book Publishing from Portland State University.

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