Episode 34 — Live Panel: Knowing Your Audience

Welcome to the next installment in our Business of Being an Author series! We’re at Jan’s Bookstore in Beaverton this time, tackling the topic of getting to know your readers. Because how are you going to sell books if you don’t know who you’re selling them to? Right? Panelists include our own lovely co-host Corinne … Read more

Episode 33: Live Author Branding Panel

Enjoy the first installment of our “Business of Being an Author” Series—Branding! Presented by Lori Carroll of Jan’s Beaverton Bookstore and Hybrid Pub Scout We invited Mary Bisbee-Beek, Courtney Clark, and Tara Lehmann to participate in HPS’s first ever live recording! Lori Carroll’s brainchild, the Business of Being an Author series, aims to arm writers … Read more

Episode 32: Book Translator Michelle Deeter


Take it from a Book Translator—Reading Books In Translation Will Make Your Life More Awesome! Today’s guest is Chinese to English translator Michelle Deeter. Michelle Deeter is a Chinese to English translator and interpreter. She got started translating short stories in 2013, and translated her first book in 2015. Since then, she has translated a … Read more

Episode 30: Interview with Bestselling Author Ian Doescher

Ian Doescher is an author out of Portland Oregon, whose William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, Verily a New Hope was a smash bestseller (we’re talking that NYT list!). There are currently eight—going on nine—books in the series plus Get Thee Back to the Future and Much Ado About Mean Girls, all from Quirk Books. Ian’s latest … Read more

Episode 29: Interview with Devra Jacobs of Dancing Word Group


Devra Jacobs, agent and owner of Dancing Word Group, talks professional flexibility, following submission guidelines, and red flags for authors. Devra Jacobs is so much more than a literary agent for new age authors—this Taurian woman represents the books that speak to her soul. After working as a higher consciousness editor of Mystic Pop magazine, … Read more

Episode 24: Editor Ardi Alspach of Sterling Publishing


Ardi Alspach, an editor at Sterling Publishing, talks with us about her multi-directional career. She has the unique experience of having attended both NYU and the Denver Publishing Institute, worked in both publicity and editorial, and moved from a career in teaching to book publishing mid-career. Turns out that’s possible, even in NYC. Take that, … Read more

Episode 16: Info for All with Library Assistant Chris Curran

chris curran poses with caitlin doughty of ask a mortician

You would be hard pressed to find any contingent of the book world that has purer or more noble intentions than librarians. The job combines providing and filtering information to the public with a dash of social service. We talk with library assistant Chris Curran about daily life in the public library, what it’s like … Read more

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