Episode 45: Finding New Audiences with Elaina Jadin and Marie Robinson

You’ve self-published a book. Congrats! Now how do you find your readers? On this episode, Emily sat down with prolific romance authors Elaina Jadin and Marie Robinson to discuss just that, along with the best marketing tools you can use to to find—and keep—an enthusiastic army of fans. They also chat about how having a co-author ultimately benefits a book, how you can still love a story that you’re writing to market, and why writing a book with an end in mind but not so much the rest of the journey, can stretch your writing and make you better at it. And if you’ve ever wondered if you should self-publish your book on platforms that aren’t Amazon, Marie is here to tell you: Yes. Yes, you should. 

Find Elaina Jadin on her Website, on Amazon, and on Facebook.
Read the first book of Elaina and Marie’s dark romance series.

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