Episode 25: Lori Carroll of Jan’s Beaverton Bookstore

Lori Carroll of Jan's Beaverton Book Store

In this episode, we talk to Lori Carroll, owner of Jan’s Beaverton Bookstore. She’s a lifelong lover of romance books who majored in women’s studies—and she wants you to know that being a feminist and loving bodice rippers are NOT mutually exclusive! Once that’s settled, she shares the value of making bookstores inclusive, community-oriented places … Read moreEpisode 25: Lori Carroll of Jan’s Beaverton Bookstore

Episode 23.5: JT Reads Stone and Ash

Emily at Yellowstone Bear World

A formerly subscriber-only podcast pinch-hits for our hosts, who were both traveling this week. Listen to this quick episode wherein Emily’s wise-ass husband reads a chapter from Marie Robinson’s reverse harem romance, Stone and Ash (with the author’s permission, naturally). Get ready for some more sexy dragons, because they’re lighting it up. If you like … Read moreEpisode 23.5: JT Reads Stone and Ash

New Year, New Boo-ks

celebratory book illuminations

Do you make resolutions? Me too! Do you sort of forget about them by the second week of January and figure that walking to and from the cupcake place near your house twice a week definitely counts as adequate exercise? Me too. This year, however, I’m getting serious about the only resolution that matters—apart from … Read moreNew Year, New Boo-ks

An Attitude of Gratitude for Books About Cults


The holidays—excuse me, HondaDays—are upon us and with them comes a chorus of motivational quote-flavored reminders about the importance of gratitude, which, believe it or not, is something whose value I believe in deeply. And as I reflect upon this year—not that I’ve read all the books I’m about to talk about THIS year, and … Read moreAn Attitude of Gratitude for Books About Cults

Episode 10.5: Corinne Reads Again!


We were full of pie and potatoes, so this week’s episode just a little banter on the books we’re reading. Yes, you heard that right—WE. At last, Corinne is reading again! The 33 1/3 book series from Bloomsbury—find your favorite album! You’d better believe that Celine Dion is f**king amazing Corinne’s new book-squeeze A not-very-spoilery … Read moreEpisode 10.5: Corinne Reads Again!

Diets of Great Literary Men

A couple of weeks ago, The Paris Review ran an article about the late David Foster Wallace’s adorably wacky diet, which consisted of among other things “chocolate pop tarts and soda” and “Diet Dr Pepper and blondies.” Quoth the Review: “In 1995, the journalist David Streitfeld saw a kitchen with little more in it than a case … Read moreDiets of Great Literary Men

Bonus Minisode: JT Reads Stone & Fire

stone and fire banner

At the suggestion of Marie Robinson, Emily’s husband J.T. reads aloud from the first of Ms. Robinson’s Magical Kingdoms reverse-harem romance series Stone & Fire (available now from Amazon). You’ve heard about it in Episode 4. We’ve gone on about it in the newsletter. Now you get a sneak peek of the sexy/fun content with special … Read moreBonus Minisode: JT Reads Stone & Fire

How to Get Free Books (Before Everyone Else)

You probably know the typical ways to get free books. Libraries still exist, and young adults are using them in droves (CW: the word “millennial” is used superfluously). You can use Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, though there’s always a price with Amazon (specifically Prime membership or a monthly subscription payment and maybe your pinky toe someday). … Read moreHow to Get Free Books (Before Everyone Else)

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