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Episode 40: Brian Palmer on His All-in-One Book Writing App — Scribi Writer’s Studio

Return guest Brian Palmer is developing Scribi Writer’s Studio—your new favorite book writing app.

Heads up—this episode has a couple of f-words in it.

We hung out with Brian Palmer (aka B.C. Palmer) for the first time in Hybrid Pub Scout Episode 14, when he came on to talk with Emily and Marie Robinson about managing ghostwriters and writing fantasy and romance. This time, he talks about something he’d already referred to in his first appearance: freeing us all from the iron grip of Microsoft Office with his new book writing app—Scribi Writer’s Studio.

With his new software, Brian plans to create an all-in-one book writing, collaborating, and discovery program to help authors stay on target. We talk about how the app functions, all the things he’s envisioning for its future, and how every person working in the indie-publishing chain can get in on it together.

The more time you can spend on the page doing work, the higher the chance you will actually finish the book.

Also, we talk about the apps that are the biggest bullies (lookin’ at you Co-star), how willpower is basically made up, and how much Corinne hates improv comedy.

Guest Bio

Brian Palmer is the definition of the modern authorpreneur. With over sixty books written and published as a fantasy author, romance author, and ghostwriter, he also co-owns Harbinger Press with the incomparable Marie Robinson and is recently expanding his entrepreneurial compulsion with the first full-featured smart platform for writers, Scribi Writer’s Studio. Where he finds the time to cuddle with his husband Scott and his wonder dog Mac is a matter of some speculation, and calls into question the very nature of time and space as we know it.

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