Maple Leaf May Zine Giveaway

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A very friendly giveaway from our sisters to the North!

Enter for a chance to win copies of both Return Trip’s debut zine and On Pleasure from The Vault.

On Pleasure Description:
”When we are children, we seek pleasure without shame, without the impulse to measure “too much of a good thing.” It’s as if we instinctively understand the word as the dictionary defines it: a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. So why then, as we grow older, does the concept of pleasure become more and more complicated? If desire is universal and pleasure is something we all want, why do we hide?”

On Pleasure includes writing from Alicia Bunyan-Sampson, Mollie Coles Tonn, Colleen Conroy, Lizzie Derksen, Jaime Eisen, Margeaux Feldman, Ruchika Gothosar, Carvela Lee, Brooke Manning, Maria Isabel Martinez, Kyisha Williams, and Kristen Zimmer. It’s Illustrated by Violeta Noy, and features photography by Alison Maxwell.

Return Trip Description:
”A magazine that explores how travel makes us feel. It’s a publication by and for people who believe travel is an undeniable part of their identity, whether it’s through living abroad, diaspora, migration, or their own travel experiences.”

This issue of Return Trip includes the work of Bettina Carating, Eve Tagny, Genevieve Yam Kopman, Jamie Banks, Jasmine Landau, Jesse Boswell, Jessica Kasiama, Joanne Son, Keenan Lynch, Lindsay Tapscott, Luana Suciu, Mai Nguyen, Meeshun Yang, Pam Lau, Rhea Da Costa-Clark, Susan van Beek Rogers, Theo Kapodistrias, and William Ruzvidzo.

These zines include artwork, photography, poetry, stories, and interviews from candid, thoughtful contributors. They come highly recommended by Emily and Corinne.

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