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Interview with Maeko Bradshaw of Bona Fide Books

Maeko Bradshaw is Bona Fide.

Imagine that you moved back to your smallish yet much-loved hometown with a master’s in book publishing. For most who aspire to work at a publishing company, this would have to be just a temporary situation, but Maeko was able to find a job in her picturesque hometown of Tahoe at Bona Fide Books. And not only is she working there…she’s literally in charge of the whole shebang.

Maeko went from being an acquisitions manager at Ooligan Press to a total boss at Bona Fide. She and I discuss the unique qualities of publishing in a small town, spreading the news about niche books, and (for all of us tourists) the meaning of “shoulder seasons.” And if anyone is up to the task of juggling all aspects of publishing from business to book interior design, it’s this one right here☝.

Bona Fide Books just launched its latest anthology on June 8, Permanent Vacation Vol. 2. It’s a collection of 18 stories about America’s National Parks from people who know what they’re talking about it. Get it here.

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