Corinne Yells at Cloud Part 1: Insta-Poets

I don’t know a ton about poetry, and even less about the inner workings of Instagram AND YET I am going to opine about both of them at length in this post. Instagram poetry. It’s a thing. I got my first whiff of it via the Twitter takedown of an Instagram poet from (sigh) Portland … Read moreCorinne Yells at Cloud Part 1: Insta-Poets

Episode 8: Interview with Book Publicist Tara Lehmann


We talk with book publicist Tara Lehmann about her journey into book publicity, the as yet unknown depths of children’s and YA literature, and opening a dance studio for grandmas. And we talk about Corinne’s Prince dream, but not in an annoying way, we promise! Discussed in this episode: These poets tho Don’t f*%$ with … Read moreEpisode 8: Interview with Book Publicist Tara Lehmann

Diets of Great Literary Men

A couple of weeks ago, The Paris Review ran an article about the late David Foster Wallace’s adorably wacky diet, which consisted of among other things “chocolate pop tarts and soda” and “Diet Dr Pepper and blondies.” Quoth the Review: “In 1995, the journalist David Streitfeld saw a kitchen with little more in it than a case … Read moreDiets of Great Literary Men