Episode 10.5: Corinne Reads Again!


We were full of pie and potatoes, so this week’s episode just a little banter on the books we’re reading. Yes, you heard that right—WE. At last, Corinne is reading again! The 33 1/3 book series from Bloomsbury—find your favorite album! You’d better believe that Celine Dion is f**king amazing Corinne’s new book-squeeze A not-very-spoilery … Read moreEpisode 10.5: Corinne Reads Again!

Episode 9: Creepypasta and Writers Who Kill


Warning! This has not only many cusses, but many bloods and guts and murder. (NSFW) Also YOU MUST SHARE WITH 10 PEOPLE OR BLOODY MARY WILL COME GET YOU THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! What would Halloween be without spooky stories? We’ve got a good cross section of stories of real-life literary murder (courtesy of … Read moreEpisode 9: Creepypasta and Writers Who Kill

Episode 7: Printing Comics with Jessica Clark

Digital or offset? Smooth or glossy? Coated or uncoated? Foreign or domestic? Black and white, two color, or full color? There are a LOT of choices and not a lot of room for mistakes when it comes to printing decisions. (Seriously, though, if you’ve ever seen a pallet of books come in chock-a-block with splotches, … Read moreEpisode 7: Printing Comics with Jessica Clark

Surveying the Publishing Frontier


Oh we’re really in business now. This episode we get down to what HPS is all about: BRINGING THE BOOK PEOPLE TOGETHER YAYA SISTERHOOD STYLE BITCHES. Or something like that. Also we called Emily’s mom on speaker phone by surprise and we couldn’t fit even half of the comic gold she was slinging. Y’all will … Read moreSurveying the Publishing Frontier

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