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Amazon Dot Wrong? (Part 1)

After the mid-July Prime Day strikes, we thought we’d do just one episode about the pros and cons of Amazon.

Ha and HA again.

Not only did we NOT cover a lot of things we set out to cover, but we ended up with enough content for probably a 5 or so part series. Turns out Amazon is like a multi-headed snake. Or a head with multiple snakes. Or something.

Anyway, this time we cover a terribly out of touch article about how Amazon should replace libraries (yeah, we know the news has cycled already but meh). We then go on to address the author’s concerns about increasing Amazon’s stock and how much rents and housing prices have ‘sploded the city. There are a few tangents about eating lunch in the bathroom, frog smuggling, and who does or doesn’t get to be called “sir” or “mister.”

Listen to our convo below. Heads up, there’s lots of f-word and hating on Jeff Bezos.

Articles featured in this episode:

Also Corinne wants you to watch this music video that directly addresses Seattle gentrifiers.

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