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Emily Einolander (they/them)

Emily migrated from the elbow from California to Portland, OR to study at Portland State University’s Publishing Master’s Program. They own and operate Hybrid Pub Scout Media, LLC, a writing, consulting, and assisted self-publishing company that helps authors get amazing books out into the world. Emily is an Aquarius and yet somehow also practical and detail oriented (and knows that because they said that there must be a typo somewhere in this bio).


corinne headshot

Corinne Kalasky (She/Her)

Corinne Kalasky is a Portlander by way of Oakland, Nashville, Brooklyn, Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis, and, most importantly, Scranton. When she’s not helping authors promote their books, she can be found listening to yacht rock, swooning over senior cats, obsessing over her bangs, and trying to convince the world that mayonnaise is superior to all other condiments. Corinne is (obviously) a Virgo. And shares a birthday with Freddy Mercury. So there.

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